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Gilly Smith

Gilly SmithAs a very young girl, my mother always encouraged my love of art by buying me colouring sets, paints, crayons and various other mediums. One of my earliest memories is of being fascinated by the 'magic painting books' she bought for me. I was amazed and thrilled by the way colours emerged with just a brush dipped in water. I was very lucky to have good art teachers at school too, and they fed my passion for painting.

As time passed life got in the way and all things arty got put on the back burner until I went on a course to learn the beautifully colourful Roses and Castles art work of the Canals. It fired up my love of art all over again. In the last couple of years I've experimented with Colour Pencils, Pastels, Water Colour, oils and Graphite. At this point in time I can't say which medium I love the most as I'm enjoying getting to know them all. I have willing models in the form of my 2 dogs and 1 cat.

I class myself as an enthusiastic Hobby Artist, with a preference for animal portraits though I do enjoy painting buildings too. The picture of Candy, seen on my website, was done mainly in Water Colour Pencil and was my first animal portrait. It was quickly followed by Missy, done in Colour Pencil, then Jessie in Graphite. My latest Graphite, the Bride and Groom was a real challenge being a double portrait! Bodium Castle is my only Oil painting to date but will not be my last.

My advice to others just starting on this exciting journey in to the world of Art would be, Practice, practise, practise. Draw and paint anything and everything, keep a pad close by and doodle. Find a good beginners forum to gain help and advice from and also to boost your confidence.Above all enjoy what you do.

See more at my web site - Gilly's Crafts


Missy (Coloured Pencil)


Giraffe (Coloured Pencil)


Jessie (Graphite)


Candy (Watercolour)


Otter (Coloured Pencil)


Castle (Oils)

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