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Pen Drawings - 1

"Old Lime Kiln"
This drawing is something new for me. I came across this old abandoned Lime Kiln while on holiday in Yorkshire and when I decided to try my hand at hatching I thought this would make the perfect subject.

Old Lime Kiln

"Old Fishing Boat"
Old, but still in use, this small boat was strewn with nets as if a fisherman had been there a few moments earlier and had been repairing them. It certainly looked like something from a bygone age.

Old Fishing Boat

"National Coal Mining Museum"
I so enjoyed the Pen & Wash version of this subject that I just had to do it again in pen only. I used soluble pen so that I could wash the ink out to create some shadows. This is a favourite medium of mine and I think it lends itself to the 'expected' blackness of a coal mine.

National Coal Mining Museum

"Market Square, Northampton"
This is a Line Drawing of my home town of Northampton. The main feature of the drawing is the Market Square which is reputed to be the largest traditional open market square still in existence.

Market Square, Northampton

"Water Mill, Lower Slaughter"
Lower Slaughter is a beautiful small village in the heart of the English Cotswolds. This pen drawing was made from a photograph taken by a good friend of mine, Ken Gemell, during his visit to the UK in 2007.

Water Mill, Lower Slaughter

"Cottages by the Canal"
I did this pen drawing from a photograph I took as we chugged along the Grand Union Canal one cold and damp day in October 2007.

Cottages by the Canal

"Wallace Monument"
This was my first experience of drawing outdoors 'on location'. I stood in the Car Park adjacent to the famous Wallace Monument near Stirling to do this quick Pen & Wash drawing. It lacks a lot of detail but was satisfying to draw due to the spontaneity of the situation.

Wallace Monument

"SPURN Lightship"
I discovered this fine Lightship moored in the marina at Kingston-on-Hull. I've allowed myself some artistic licence and placed it out at sea in a more realistic setting.

Whereas I allowed myself adequate time to do the pencil drawing of this ship, this pen and wash was a very casual and quick affair.

SPURN Lightship

"Tremolett Ford"
I couldn't resist drawing and painting this superb cottage several times. It is interesting to compare this Pen and Wash version to the watercolour version in one of the watercolour galleries. Though lacking colour and the degree of 'shadow' that can be obtained with watercolour, it still makes a nice picture in it's own right

Tremolett Ford

"Irish Bungalow"
Another attempt at Pen & Wash, this time of the bungalow we stayed at when we travelled to Ireland. Just outside Killarney in County Kerry, within sight of the Macgillycuddy's Reeks, this charming stone cottage was an ideal center from which to tour.

Irish Bungalow