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Pen and Wash Gallery - 1

"Scarborough Boats"
Another 'quickie', this time of a small group of boats moored in the harbour at Scarborough."

Scarborough Boats

This sketch was an exercise in loosening up. Time allowed was just 10 minutes... 2 minutes drawing; 8 Minutes painting. Great fun!!


"All Saints church, Earls Barton"
This wonderful church is famous for its unique mixture of architectures. Built around 970, architecture from every century from the 10th onwards is represented. It has a unique door halfway up the tower which can be seen on my watercolour pages.

All Saints church, Earls Barton

This was fun and quick to do. I sketched this out with a pen, not paying much attention to the straightness of lines or accuracy of curves. I wanted a little looseness to compliment the quirkiness of the village. There can't be any villages more quirky than Portmerion.


"National Coal Mining Museum"
The museum is a fabulous day out for the whole family and I can highly recommend it if you're ever in Yorkshire. See also my Pen version.

National Coal Mining Museum

"Modern Home"
a typical modern English family home as found on housing estates the length and breadth of the country. I've tried to give it a sense of space by setting the building back into the painting.

Modern Home

"Still Life"
My first attempt at a Still Life painting.

Still Life

"Rainbow Row"
from a photograph of a small part of "Rainbow Row" in Charleston, South Carolina. I also painted this in watercolour.

Rainbow Row

"Cottages by the Canal"
I painted this pen and wash from a photograph I took as we chugged along the Grand Union Canal one cold and damp day in October 2007. I enjoyed the scene so much that I've also produced Pen and Mixed Media versions.

Cottages by the Canal

"Barn in Field"
I call this a barn but I'm far from sure it is. Still, 'barn' is easier to say than 'old stone building'. I found this to be an interesting subject so have also painted it in watercolour and drawn it in pencil.

Barn in Field

"Old Wooden Barn"
This Old Wooden Barn was built in the early 1870's in Wisconsin, USA. It was built by the surviviors of the Great Peshtigo Fire as they began rebuilding their communities and their lives after that tragedy. It is amazing to think that the wood and timbers used, let alone the primitive building techniques, can have withstood the test of time so well.

Old Wooden Barn

"Old Shops"
Just a view of some old fashioned shops in a small market town in Lincolnshire. I can't be precise as to which town because I copied this from a photograph in a tourism leaflet. The main purpose of the picture was to try using pen outlines, a technique I hadn't tried previously.

Old Shops

While holidaying in Lincolnshire we visited Kingston-upon-Hull and, while trying to get a good view of the Humber Estuary, stumbled across this small Lighthouse. Again, I tried doing the outline in pen and was quite pleased with the result.


"Old Fishing Boat"
Old, but still in use, this small boat was strewn with nets as if a fisherman had been there a few moments earlier and had been repairing them. It certainly looked like something from a bygone age.

Old Fishing Boat

"National Coal Mining Museum"
I so enjoyed the Pen & Wash version of this subject that I just had to do it again in pen only. I used soluble pen so that I could wash the ink out to create some shadows. This is a favourite medium of mine and I think it lends itself to the 'expected' blackness of a coal mine.

National Coal Mining Museum

"Cottages by the Canal"
I did this pen drawing from a photograph I took as we chugged along the Grand Union Canal one cold and damp day in October 2007.

Cottages by the Canal

"Wallace Monument"
This was my first experience of drawing outdoors 'on location'. I stood in the Car Park adjacent to the famous Wallace Monument near Stirling to do this quick Pen & Wash drawing. It lacks a lot of detail but was satisfying to draw due to the spontaneity of the situation.

Wallace Monument

"SPURN Lightship"
I discovered this fine Lightship moored in the marina at Kingston-on-Hull. I've allowed myself some artistic licence and placed it out at sea in a more realistic setting.

Whereas I allowed myself adequate time to do the pencil drawing of this ship, this pen and wash was a very casual and quick affair.

SPURN Lightship

"Tremolett Ford"
I couldn't resist drawing and painting this superb cottage several times. It is interesting to compare this Pen and Wash version to the watercolour version in one of the watercolour galleries. Though lacking colour and the degree of 'shadow' that can be obtained with watercolour, it still makes a nice picture in it's own right

Tremolett Ford

"Irish Bungalow"
Another attempt at Pen & Wash, this time of the bungalow we stayed at when we travelled to Ireland. Just outside Killarney in County Kerry, within sight of the Macgillycuddy's Reeks, this charming stone cottage was an ideal center from which to tour.

Irish Bungalow