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Watercolour Gallery - 3

"Red Cliffs, Babbacombe"
When in Torbay last year we visited Babbacombe. The bay is accessed by a wonderful journey down the cliff face on the Victorian Cliff Railway. Once in the bay you have the most wonderful view of the Red Sandstone cliffs which have been designated as a site of scientific interest.

Red Cliffs, Babbacombe

"Barn in a Field"
I have long been an admirer of James Fletcher-Watson and recently managed to obtain one of his books. I was interested to read about his preferred choice of palette and decided to try his colours for myself. This painting is the result. Not in his league, obviously, but I'm not disappointed with the result.

Barn in a Field

"Sunset over the Lake District"
It was late one autumn afternoon and we were driving through the Lake District. The light was beginning to fade as I rounded a corner to see the most spectacular of views. Most of the landscape was in near silhouette and the sun was hidden behind a cloud, but with powerful beams of light shining down on Buttermere Lake. The water was still, there was no breeze, there was no sound.

Also see the pencil version

Sunset over the Lake District

"The Strid"
The River Wharfe meanders across Yorkshire in a leisurely fashion, until it reaches "The Strid". This is a narrow (2 metres wide) but very deep gorge, through which the river races under tremendous pressure. This is a dangerous and notorious stretch of water.

The Strid

"Forest Walk"
I took my family away for a special weekend and as a part of it we found ourselves visiting Sherwood Forest. This is my daughter and son-in-law enjoying a quiet stroll through the forest.

Forest Walk

"Fishing Boat"
While strolling around the marina at Torquay last year I saw this small rowing boat tied up amongst all the much larger motor boats. The paraphernalia inside is clearly that of a keen fisherman.

Fishing Boat

"Steel Worker"
My main interest in doing this painting was to try and capture the searing heat and bright intensity of the molten metal. I can't imagine what it would be like working in conditions like those. Give me my desk job any day.

Steel Worker

"Miniature Rose"
Though only a 'miniature' variety of Rose, this one growing in my garden has all the beauty of the more usual normal sized varieties. This is how I like a Rose to be, at that half-open stage.

Miniature Rose

"Barmouth Viking II"
I saw this fine catamaran beeched in Barmouth Bay and the skipper seemed to be giving her a bit of a look over. Barmouth Viking II is licensed for fishing trips around Cardigan Bay and can carry 12 anglers and their gear comfortably.

Barmouth Viking II

"Water Mill, Lower Slaughter"
Lower Slaughter is a beautiful small village in the heart of the English Cotswolds. This watercolour was painted from a photograph taken by a good friend of mine, Ken Gemell, during his visit to the UK in 2007. I've also drawn this in Pen, which you can see here.

Water Mill, Lower Slaughter

"High Street, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire"
I visited this delightful small town during the summer of 2008 and was totally captivated by its fine Yorkshire Stone buildings and quaint timeless atmosphere.

High Street, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire

"Tree by Stream - Snowdonia"
Driving through the Pass of Llanberris in the shadow of Snowdon in Wales, I came across this delightful scene. The clear, crisp mountain water was rippling around the rocks and the lone tree seemed quite content with its location and surroundings.

Tree by Stream - Snowdonia

"Crooked Spire - Chesterfield"
I've found many explanations, theories, speculations and folkstories with regards to how this church in Chesterfield ended up with a crooked spire. The favourite seems to be the use of unseasonned timbers coupled with the use of hundreds of lead tiles. Whatever the explanation, it certainly makes a spectacular site.

Crooked Spire - Chesterfield

"Castle Door"
I discovered this door in the remains of a wall at the Castle in Knaresborough. Though the castle is nothing but ruins, they are so well looked after and have such magnificent views of the Nidd Valley, that they are well worth a visit. The cliff top setting has been made into a park and is a wonderful place to sit and pass the time of day.

Castle Door

"Stone Bridge"
Driving through Snowdonia in the vicinity of Arenig Fach, I spotted this very small stone bridge. There was no obvious place to pull over on the narrow road so I made a mental note of the spot and returned another day to get a photograph. It was well worth the effort. This bridge stands no more than 5 feet high and is probably only 8 feet in length. The stream is only about 5 feet wide at that point. You may also like to see my pen drawing of this subject.

Stone Bridge

"Welsh Barn"
Well, not fully a barn. I came across this very small building when on holiday in Wales recently. The wooden pallete leaning against the front of the structure gives some idea of scale. Was it a pig sty or some sort of animal pen? I have no idea, but it was very picturesque. I've also produced a pen drawing of this subject.

Welsh Barn

"Rainbow Row"
This watercolour is from a photograph of a small part of "Rainbow Row" in Charleston, South Carolina. The photo was provided as the subject for one of the forums Painting Projects and after doing this watercolour version, I thought it would be fun to try it in Pen & Wash.

Rainbow Row

"Barn in Field"
I call this a barn but I'm far from sure it is. Still, 'barn' is easier to say than 'old stone building'. This was taken from a photograph and although it is a fairly unexciting landscape, there is something about it that greatly appealed to me from a painting point of view. So much so that I felt drawn (excuse the pun) to draw it again in both pencil and pen and wash. For me, the pen-and-wash version is the one I like the best even though I have made the trees a bit too rounded and artificial looking.

Barn in Field

"Gazebo in the Snow"
This painting of a Gazebo in a snow-covered park was copied from a photograph taken by a friend and posted in my forum as yet another of our Monthly Painting Projects. It is particularly interesting just how little 'true' white there is in a snow scene such as this and I know I haven't used enough light greys and pale blues.

Gazebo in the Snow

"Flowers in Blue Vase"
Another painting produced for my art forum's Monthly Painting Project. This flower arrangement was chosen as an excercise in lights and darks. The light passing through the vase created interesting reflections on the wall behind. These reflections are the sort of thing that most people would take for granted yet are of vital importance to the artist in obtaining a realistic portrayal of the subject.

Flowers in Blue Vase