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Watercolour Gallery - 4

"Boat In Torbay"

Boat In Torbay

"Boy with Boat"

Boy with Boat

"Rainbow Trout"

Rainbow Trout



"Telephone Box"

Telephone Box





"Lindisfarne Castle"
One place I've always wanted to visit but haven't made it ... yet. I painted this from a photograph sent to me by a very good friend. Lindisfarne Castle is situated on Holy Island and sits atop a volcanic mound known as Beblowe Craig. It was built in the 1550's using stones from the demolished Priory.

Lindisfarne Castle

"Door without Purpose"
All Saints church in Earls Barton has a door halfway up it's tower which appears to be completely without purpose. However, I understand that in the 10th century the tower stood on its own and provided a safe haven from marauding vikings. Local peasants climbed to the door by a ladder which they pulled up after them. See the whole church on my Pen & Wash pages.

Door without Purpose

I came across this tall chimney stack and interesting roof combination during a visit to Chipping Cambden, an exceptionally pretty village in the heart of the Cotswolds. Like all of the buildings in the village, it is made of a local stone known as 'Cotswold Stone'.


Possibly the most spectactular and beautiful place in Scotland is Glencoe. The name 'Glencoe' is often said to mean "Glen of Weeping" perhaps due to the infamous "Massacre of Glencoe". The glen is surrounded by wild and precipitous mountains and I've attempted to show the low lying cloud moving in over the mountain tops.


"Hillside Cottage"
This painting was done with the prime purpose of wanting to continue my experiments with 'mist'. Having created a smokey steamey atmosphere at the lake, this painting allowed me to try low cloud covering a mountain top.

Hillside Cottage

"Boat on Bala Lake"
I was at Bala Lake in North Wales on a very frosty, foggy January day. The sun was bright and trying to penetrate the fog. As the fog began to lift I saw a lone boat moored to a buoy. The photographs I took were very atmospheric and this painting is an attempt to capture that in watercolours.

Boat on Bala Lake

"Old Lime Kiln"
I painted this version of an old abandoned Lime Kiln in watercolour in order to compare it with the same subject painted in acrylics. I had found the acrylic version more difficult than I had expected and assumed that was because I was new to the medium. It wasn't. I found this simple-looking subject harder than anticipated. I've also drawn it in pen.

Old Lime Kiln