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Google Maps 3D function not working

First of all, I am not an expert and know very little about computers in general. Recently the 3D function in Google Maps stopped working in my Chrome browser and as I searched around the 'net for a solution it became apparent that many other people are having the same problem. Having finally fixed the problem I thought it worth explaining how, just in case it helps someone else.

Looking around the 'net for some assistance, one of the most common solutions I came across was to make sure that "Use hardware acceleration when available" was switched on in Chrome. This is easily done by clicking on 'settings' in Chrome, then 'Advanced', then 'System'. Mine, like many others, was already switched on so that wasn't the cause of my problem.

Another suggested cause was "WebGL". This is something to do with 3D graphics and you can test if your browser is using it by clicking on this link.... test WebGL. Mine was already using WebGL so that didn't help either.

The solution for me came after I realised that the 3D function worked correctly in Chrome on my Laptop, proving the issue wasn't related to my account settings or the incoming broadband or router. Nor was I having a problem on my Android devices. This was an issue with Chrome on my desktop PC only. Taking this notion a step further I tried Google Maps in 'Incognito' mode and to my amazement the 3D function worked just fine. Considering the implications of this discovery I decided to find out what would happen if I removed my browsing data. I used the drop down menu in Chrome and clicked on 'more tools' then 'Clear browsing data'. I selected 'Cookies and other site data' and 'Cached images and file' and then clicked on 'Clear Data'. Lo and behold, when I returned to Google Maps the 3D function and Globe were restored to the screen. Job done!!!

Since I'm not a technical person I can't say which cookies and/or file were causing the problem, and I can't say if this is the best solution, but it worked for me. If you try it for yourself and have some success then let me know through my Contact Form.

Finally, I am publishing this information in the hope that it may help others. I in no way accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong if you try the same thing. Good luck.