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When I first started out on my 'art journey' I was keen to share my efforts with others. I was aware of the benefits of self-criticism, recognising the positives and negatives in my own efforts ... appreciating the one, and learning from the other, yet I also wanted advice and assistance and hopefully find encouragement and support. To this end I joined some online forums but found that sites run by, and consisting mainly of experts, can be intimidating and threatening places for a raw beginner. This is not a criticism of 'experts' but a recognition that many absolute beginners feel very self-conscious about their own first efforts and need more 'guidance' than 'criticism'.

To this end I decided to start my own artists forum and created it with the sole purpose of providing a place where beginners can gather to help each other, learn from each other and support each other. We may not become expert artists but as long as we are enjoying our hobby and getting satisfaction from it, then that doesn't matter.

It was in 2007 that I created the forum. It's never had a huge membership but that's completely fine as it's had a regular and consistent small following. Some members have been active since it was first created, and a few others have remained regular contributors since they joined us, but many move on once they find their feet and exhaust the assistance our small group can give them.

To challenge us we run regular painting and drawing projects. These have a tendency to drag us out of our comfort zones and that in itself is a great way of learning new techniques. Projects where we all paint or draw the same subject are tremendously useful for appreciating how others tackle a particular subject, and it is a fun way of comparing our work to that of others. Most beginners are surprised at how well their work stands up against that of others.

Whether you paint in Watercolours, pastels, acrylics or oils, or whether you draw with pencil or pen and ink, you will find someone in our small group who shares your interest. Though the forum is primarily orientated towards beginners, some members are more experienced and are always quick to pass on their knowledge to others.

If you are starting out on your art journey or if you're already a competent artist simply wanting to help others fulfill their journey, then the JWJ Art Forum is just the place for you. We'd be thrilled to have you join us.

John (JWJ)