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Most recent painting

A Pen & Wash of The Target House at Brodsworth House and Gardens
"Target House" - A Pen & Wash painting
More Pen & Wash paintings can be found in the Galleries "

Most recent drawing

A pen and ink drawing of cobbled steps
"Steps" - A pen and ink drawing of cobbled steps
More pen drawings can be found in the Galleries "

Art for Beginners

With the intention of encouraging others to have a go,
this site is for beginners, by a beginner.

Now with a very friendly Art Forum

Anyone can Paint

These are the words of Frank Clarke in his inspirational book "PaintBox". It's where I began and I publish how I got on with his lessons in the hope of encouraging others to try for themselves. I truly believe that if I could do it, anyone can do it.


Some years ago, in my mid fifties, I tried my hand at watercolours. My initial efforts were awful but I enjoyed the painting. Though I will never be a great artist, I want to share my experience in the hope of encouraging others to "have a go", as I did. It's not about the end results but the enjoyment of the journey.

Art for Beginners

Art is a creative process that is very relaxing, therapeutic and calming. Producing a picture isn't about how good or bad the end result might be, but about the pleasure, joy and relaxation that comes from brushing paint onto canvas, or doodling shapes with a pencil. The process of making Art is balm for the soul...a nice picture at the end is just a bonus.

My disasters

Art for beginners is all about making mistakes as we learn. These pages are dedicated to displaying some of my complete disasters, in the hope that you will feel less intimidated by your own mistakes. Remember, every mistake is another lesson learned.

Pencil Drawing

My art journey began with watercolours but I soon turned my hand to Pencil Drawing, and display some of my drawings inside. In many ways I find pencil drawings as rewarding as painting in colour.

Poems and Stories

A few poems that have special meaning to me and a couple of personal stories as well as some inspiring ones I have found.

Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra

Orchestra for Children

My small site dedicated to introducing children to the instruments of the Orchestra. An interactive 'book' portraying the main instruments as 'characters'.


Many potential beginners fail to even try their hand at art because they believe they simply can't draw. But Art isn't about realistic pictures, it's about making shapes and splashing paint about. You'll enjoy it when you start.

Beginners read this

I genuinely want to encourage you to have-a-go at Art, whether it be with pencil, watercolours or some other medium. Art for beginners is about experimenting with media, subjects and styles as you find out what you enjoy most. Why not join my Art Forum. We are all novices and doing our best to support and help each other. You'll be made very welcome. View these current topics now.

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What Art books have influenced you?

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Bmw r 90 engine

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Monthly Painting and Drawing Project #108

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A bridge in oils

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