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Copyright Infringements

Those of us that display our art on the internet are probably aware that our images can be copied by anyone. There is little we can do to prevent it but that doesn't mean we have to simply accept it, and there are things we can do to make the ‘theft’ of our intellectual property less appealing to those wishing to steal it.

As a website owner I rely on Search Engines (SE's) finding my images and bringing visitors to my site. Search engines such as Google use algorithms to try and prevent them displaying any image multiple times in search results. In other words, they try to show only one version of every picture. So if a SE chooses to display an illicit copy of one of my paintings, then MY painting doesn't get listed in the search results. I've also recently discovered some sites that are openly SELLING my pictures, and that really gets my back up.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been fighting back and doing my best to have those images removed from the internet. In many cases the offenders are quick to remove the image(s) once challenged as they simply were not aware they were committing an offence. However, in some cases it's necessary to use more legal channels and involve web site hosts and platforms, to take down the infringed material.

Though I am still battling to free the internet of my pictures from everywhere except my own website, it occurs to me that I am not alone in being a victim of Copyright Infringement as I've seen many of my artist-friends pieces displayed in unauthorised places. For this reason I have decided to write about my experience and what I am learning, in the hope that others may benefit and reduce their own exposure to these offenders.

In subsequent pages I will cover :-


I am not an expert either technically or legally. I am offering guidance based on my own experience in the hope that others may find it helpful. The information is being provided in good faith and without recourse.