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So many doubters,
so many disbelievers,
yet I know what I know.
I see the sideways glance,
the raised eyebrow,
the look of pity whenever I say,
"I believe in Fairies".
But my theory is sound,
and my evidence is substantial.
A used shirt, despatched unceremoniously
to the Linen Basket
is next seen hanging in the wardrobe
clean, pressed and pristine.
Pants, sock and handkerchiefs,
all magically wash, iron, and make their way
to lie in tidy piles ready for the next time they are needed.
It is like magic,
and can only be the work of Fairies.
The Laundry Fairy, The Ironing Fairy and the Putting Away Fairy
are only three of an army of Fairies.
There is the Vacuuming Fairy, the Dusting Fairy, and the Tidying Fairy.
The Shopping Fairy keeps the cupboards stocked with food
but I wish she wouldn't use my credit card.
The Bed Making Fairy, The Bathroom Cleaning Fairy and the Window Cleaning Fairy
all play their own part in keeping my house spick and span.
But all teams need a leader
and amongst fairies this must be the Fairy God Mother.
I am certain this is a female role.
Such a team of fairies looked after me before I left home.
Then they deserted me.
When I married, thankfully the fairies returned.
So true gratitude should go to my wife
who so diligently organises this most efficient of Fairy teams.
The next time I buy her a bunch of flowers
I will tell her they are not for her,
but that there is one flower for each of the fairies
she so perfectly supervises.

Dedicated to my wife ...
         ... the bestest Fairy Godmother in the whole world.