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For all mankind

A child's balloon released
is lifted gently towards the sky,
and a gentle breeze carries a kite
providing such fun and joy.

Water so fluid it allows a babies hand
to pass right through it.
Water that forms in silver droplets
on the petals of flowers
like jewels in a crown.

But that same joyful breeze
and that same glimmering water,
when gathered by natures powerful anger
are stirred into a frenzy of swirling,
driving, hammering giant fists.
They become harder than rock,
sledgehammers against everything in their path.
Does she care what destruction lies in their wake?

In defiant solidarity against mortal enemies,
Nations can raise their flags
and stand shoulder to shoulder,
but against natures wrath what place is there for flags?
Man must help man,
regardless of race, colour or creed.
Mother nature makes us all in the same way,
and in peace or in devastation,
she treats us all equal.
Is she trying to teach us a lesson we refuse to learn?

Today, the remnants of the storm that killed
will again lift a balloon and carry a kite.
Droplets of water will be lifted from the ruins
and painted lovingly on the petals of flowers.
Today she will be as gentle
as yesterday she was cruel.
Be she gentle, be she artistic,
be she strong, be she angry,
whatever she is, she is for all mankind.

Written in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and with much concern and sympathy for all those affected by the devastation.