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Fergie, Ferdie and I

The night it was cold, a blizzard was blowing,
The snow it was deep, my car was a slowing,
A bend was approaching, just caught by the light,
Goodness, what moved, on the bank on the right.

I stopped the car, and jumped right out,
"Come here, come here", I started to shout,
The smallest of movements came from the bank,
I was nervous and scared to be quite frank.

Two Kittens I crossed the road and peered in the gloom,
And saw two Kitties sensing doom,
They huddled together fearing the cold,
They only look a few weeks old,

I climbed the bank, into the snow,
"Here kitty ... here kitty ... Do not go!"
Too weak to run, you lower your head,
I scoop you up, you feel half dead.

To my car I take you, and also your brother,
My goodness me, where is your mother?
Let's get you both home as quick as can be,
I held you tight, and close to me.

Into the house, at last out of the weather,
Lets look at you, you're as light as a feather,
All full of fur balls, and covered in dirt,
Lets check you over, see if you're hurt.

Some milk, and some food, and a warm makeshift bed,
A cosy safe place you can each rest your head,
Goodnight my sweet orphans, now go to sleep,
Safe from the snow that was growing so deep.

The sun lights the sky, a new day dawns,
Two kitties stretch and give big yawns,
Their bodies are warm, their tummies are full,
But their fur is all matted, dirty and dull.

"Bathtime I think", I announce with a smile,
"Just get some water ... Be back in a while"
"Ooops" think the kitties, "What have we done?"
"This may not be quite so much fun."

And each in turn is treated the same ...
this isn't fun, it isn't a game.
Dunked, and soaked, and horribly scrubbed,
Then shook, and shook, and violently rubbed.

The Kitties fight back, using both teeth and claws,
As blood from my wounds, quite freely pours,
But I will persevere and make them all clean,
Even though they are thinking I am very mean.

And I make them a home, and find them some toys,
And encourage them to play, like good little boys,
And as days roll past, and time passes by,
We become best of friends, the Kitties and I.

But we know it can't last, and it will soon be the day,
When a new home is found, and they are taken away.
They cannot stay here more than a very short time,
If only they could both always be mine.

But I know what must be, and I know how things are,
And I know I have done the best by far,
In saving them from their terrible plight,
On that dark, cold and snowy, wintery night.

I think of them then, and I think of them now,
And it fills me with pride, and amazes me how,
I did what I did, and rescued each kitty,
And each has turned out to be so pretty.

And now they are gone, and they have a good home,
And I feel so empty, so deeply alone,
I look at the gifts I gave without strife,
Bedding, Food, Toys ... and life.

I am sad without them, yet glad they're together,
Each with his brother, forever, and ever,
We became best of friends, and it now makes me cry,
But we're joined in spirit, Fergie, Ferdie and I