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As the Sun needs the Sky

As trees need their leaves
As the sun needs the sky,
As rain needs a cloud
As birds need to fly

As a bee needs a flower
As a squirrel needs a nut
As a castle needs a tower
As open needs shut

As a pen needs paper
As a pencil needs lead
As a hand needs an arm
As a neck needs a head

As a foot needs an ankle
As a knee needs a leg
As bread needs butter
As bacon needs egg

As a sculpture needs stone
As a painter needs paint
As a writer needs words
As bold needs faint

As a top needs a bottom
As a left needs a right
As inside needs outside
As day needs night

As light needs dark
As up needs down
As full needs empty
As a scowl needs a frown
As a book needs a cover
As a library needs a book
As a dog needs a bone
As a line needs a hook

As black needs white
As sky needs blue
As grass needs green
So I need you.