Pencil Drawing 2

SPURN Lightship Rosie Empire State Building drawn in pencil Tentacles - a pencil drawing Contrast - a pencil drawing Stag - a pencil drawing The Duchess of Montrose - a pencil drawing Barn in a Field - a pencil drawing Bricks - a pencil drawing Fist - a pencil drawing


The Duchess of Montrose - a pencil drawing by John W. Johnston

Duchess Of Montrose

As a young boy, I loved my train set, and my favourite engine was the model of The Duchess of Montrose. The Duchess was one of several Duchesses that made up the "Princess Coronation" class of locomotives. These engines were the largest and most powerful steam engines in the UK and were built specifically to compete with other railways for the lucrative business between London and Scotland. They monopolised express train operation out of the London Euston for 25 years.
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