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Pen Drawings - 1

"Boat at Craster"
A Pen drawing of a small boat in the fishing harbour of Craster, Northumberland.

Boat at Craster

"Paddle Steam Boat"
A Pen drawing of an old, shallow draft paddle steam boat.

Paddle Steam Boat

A Pen drawing of an old wooden wheelbarrow.


"Longstone Lighthouse"
A Pen drawing of Longstone Lighthouse on Longstone Rock within the Farne Islands group.

Longstone Lighthouse

A Pen & Ink drawing of a Lychgate


"Snow-covered Cottage"
A Pen & Ink drawing of a small snow-covered Cottage

Snow-covered Cottage

"Cottage By Canal"
A Pen drawing of a Cottage by the Grand Union Canal. I first painted this in Pen & Wash but loved the scene so much I just had to try it as a pen drawing. Subsequently, I applied coloured pencils to this drawing to create a Mixed Media version.

Cottage By Canal

"Rustic Window"
A Pen & Ink drawing of a rustic window

Rustic Window

"Willy Lotts Cottage"
A Pen & Ink drawing of Willy Lotts Cottage near Flatford, Suffolk. I was very satisfied with this in it's own right but decided to add colour to make this Mixed Media version.

Willy Lotts Cottage

"Eilean Donan Castle"
A Pen & Ink drawing of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle

A Pen & Ink drawing of a water Mill situated on the River Avon at Tewkesbury


"Old Tree"
A Pen drawing of an old tree

Old Tree

"Lime Kiln"
A Pen drawing of an old abandoned Lime Kiln in Yorkshire. I've also painted this in both watercolour and acrylic

Lime Kiln

"Town Hall, Royal Wootton Basset"
A quick study in Pen & Ink

Town Hall, Royal Wootton Basset

"Castle Door"
A Pen drawing of an old door in York Castle. I subsequently added a little watercolour to make a Pen & Wash version.

Castle Door

"Stone Bridge"
A Pen drawing of a small stone bridge in Snowdonia. You may also like to see my watercolour version.

Stone Bridge

"Small Barn"
A Pen drawing of a small barn found in Wales. It's interesting comparing this monochrome drawing with the watercolour version.

Small Barn

"Old Lime Kiln"
This drawing is something new for me. I came across this old abandoned Lime Kiln while on holiday in Yorkshire and when I decided to try my hand at hatching I thought this would make the perfect subject.

Old Lime Kiln

"Market Square, Northampton"
This is a Line Drawing of my home town of Northampton. The main feature of the drawing is the Market Square which is reputed to be the largest traditional open market square still in existence.

Market Square, Northampton

"Water Mill, Lower Slaughter"
Lower Slaughter is a beautiful small village in the heart of the English Cotswolds. This pen drawing was made from a photograph taken by a good friend of mine, Ken Gemell, during his visit to the UK in 2007. I've also painted this in watercolour, which you can see here.

Water Mill, Lower Slaughter