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Watercolour Gallery - 2

A watercolour painting of a gazebo in the snow
This painting of a Gazebo in a snow-covered park was copied from a photograph taken by a friend and posted in my forum as yet another of our Monthly Painting Projects. It is particularly interesting just how little 'true' white there is in a snow scene such as this and I know I haven't used enough light greys and pale blues.

Gazebo in the Snow

A watercolour painting of a vase of flowers
Another painting produced for my art forum's Monthly Painting Project. This flower arrangement was chosen as an excercise in lights and darks. The light passing through the vase created interesting reflections on the wall behind. These reflections are the sort of thing that most people would take for granted yet are of vital importance to the artist in obtaining a realistic portrayal of the subject.

Flowers in Blue Vase

A watercolour painting of All Saints church, Northampton
Built in 1680, the church dominates Northampton's town centre. Following the Great Fire of Northampton in 1675, Charles II arranged for the town to receive enough money, timber and resources to rebuild the church.

All Saints Church, Northampton

A watercolour painting of Hazelrigg House
One of the oldest buildings still standing in Northampton today is Hazelrigg House. It is rumoured that Oliver Cromwell slept here the night before the great battle at Naseby in 1645. Built in the Elizabethan period, it is one of the few buildings to escape the Great Fire of 1675.

Also see the pencil version

Hazelrigg House, Northampton

A watercolour painting of Bourton-on-the-Water
Situated in the heart of the English Cotswolds, Bourton-on-the-Water is a picturesque town famous for the small river that flows through it's centre. The numerous low bridges add to the old-world charm of this quaint place.

Bourton-on-the-Water, The Cotswolds

A watercolour painting of St.Lukes, Northampton
The church at which we were married. It is very well screened by large trees now, and there is nowhere from which one can see the whole of the church. This painting was constructed by imagining what it might look like if the trees were no longer there. Photos from different angles were used for reference but I've made the church look much larger than it really is.

St.Lukes, Northampton

A watercolour painting of a man with camera over his shoulder
One of my few attempts at people. My good friend Don, camera over shoulder, heading over the cracked and broken flagstones towards the famous Outlook at Coopers Rock in West Virginia.

Don at Coopers Rock

A watercolour painting of the bridge at Stamford
Painted from a photograph taken as I leaned over the side of the bridge to appreciate the old world charm of these fine riverside buildings. Stamford is a breathtaking town to visit for anyone that appreciates historic architecture from times gone by.

Stamford Bridge

A watercolour painting of a naval patrol boat
A Naval Patrol Vessel of some sort - (if you know, drop me a line). I saw it in the sunlit calm and still waters of a marina at Hull but I thought a stormy sea and inclement weather conditions seemed much more appropriate.

P164 - Naval Patrol Vessel

A watercolour painting of a cornish cottage
A superb cottage in the heart of Cornish countryside where I spent a wonderfully relaxing week in the summer of 2005. The original building is over 300 hundred years old and the signs of an extension were clearly visible. A cement rendering just below the roof line causes me to wonder if the roof used to be thatched.

I couldn't resist drawing and painting this superb cottage several times and it is interesting to compare this watercolour version to the Pen and Wash version.

Tremolett Ford

A watercolour painting of boats beside a harbour wall
During a days drive around the famous 'Ring of Kerry' route in Ireland, we came across this collection of small boats moored in the shelter of a harbour wall on Valencia Island.

Boats at Harbour Wall

A watercolour painting of a Palm tree
I wish I'd been here but sadly this is just a view I copied from a picture postcard sent to me by a relative. Oh well, one day.

Palm Tree

A watercolour painting of Ross castle
Situated on the banks of Lough Leane, County Kerry, Ireland. I photographed this fine chieftains stronghold from a waterbus as we toured the lough.

Also see my pencil drawing and my attempt at painting it in Oils

Ross Castle

A watercolour painting of a blacksmiths cottage
This is an old building that has been retained in its original state as part of a 'culture museum' I visited in County Kerry, Ireland.

Blacksmiths Cottage

A watercolour painting of a Christmas snow scene
I had no intention of doing anything with this and it really was just an idle doodling and one of the few paintings I've done without anything to copy from. Even before it was finished I'd decided it was terrible. Nothing had worked the way I'd hoped it would. Some time later I came across it and saw it in a different light. Now, without the knowledge of what I was trying to achieve, it looks completely different.

Christmas Snow scene

A watercolour painting of a vase of flowers
This was my entry for one of my forum's Monthly Painting Projects. It was a much harder subject to paint than I would normally attempt, but such is the spirit of the forum that I 'had-a-go'. It was my first real attempt at a group of flowers and I found it to be an interesting and rewarding challenge.

Vase of Flowers

A watercolour painting of Holway House, La Crosse
Another entry for my forum's Monthly Painting Project. This fine castle-style residence was built around 1900. In 1979, it was honored with a Heritage Award from the Preservation Alliance of La Crosse.

Holway House, La Crosse

A watercolour painting of a made up Arctic scene
An experiment in trying to create a painting using just one colour. It was not as difficult as I'd expected. I laid a lightish wash first and then kept adding in increasingly darker tones as I added depth and structure. I wish the boat was a little more prominent but otherwise I'm quite satisfied with the overall result.

Arctic Night

A watercolour painting of an Eastern potter
Regulars to my site will know that my art forum organises a Monthly Painting Project, and this was one of them. It is from a members photograph taken at a 'Bethlehem Event'. The event involved setting up a Bethlehem-type market area in a large church hall. This subject was chosen for the painting project to give us the challenge of painting a person, something that most of us have studiously avoided doing up to now.

Potter at his wheel

A watercolour painting of Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle in Scotland sits atop a rocky outcrop and commands a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Probably the most important castle in Scotland my only regret is that I didn't have sufficient time to look around and soak up its atmosphere.

Stirling Castle

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