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A drawing of a Tiger using Pastel Pencils


A drawing of a Gorilla using Charcoal Pencils


A pastel painting of my long-passed pet Jack Russell


"Willy Lotts Cottage"
A painting of Willy Lotts Cottage using Pen with Coloured Pencils. When using pen to outline a painting, I like for the pen work to stand in it's own right before adding colour. The pen element of this picture is can be seen here.

Willy Lotts Cottage

"Cottage by the Canal"
A Mixed Media painting of a Cottage by the Grand Union Canal using Pen with Coloured Pencils. My first painting of this subject was in Pen & Wash. This particular version was an afterthought when I decided to experiment by applying coloured pencils to a pen drawing of the scene.

Cottage by the Canal

A drawing of a Chaffinch using Pen with Coloured Pencil.


"Blue Tit"
A drawing of a Blue Tit using Pen with Coloured Pencil.

Blue Tit

A drawing of a Robin using Pen with Coloured Pencil.


A portrait of a rough coated Collie dog drawn with Coloured Pencil.


"Boat Sketch"
This mixed media sketch is of a small boat resting on the sand and is a combination of Pen and Coloured Pencil.

Boat Sketch

"Christmas Card"
This mixed media painting depicts a Robin sitting on Holly, painted in watercolours, with a village scene behind drawn in pencil.

Christmas Card

"Fuchsia "Winston Churchill""
This mixed media painting depicts the named fuchsia in watercolour, alongside its namesake, Winston Churchill, drawn in pencil.

Fuchsia "Winston Churchill"

"Old Lime Kiln"
This painting of an old abandoned Lime Kiln was done by way of dipping my toe in the water with acrylics. I used them in much the same way as watercolour, mixing them with water. I like the way you can paint over mistakes but the colours seem flatter some how. For comparison purposes, I did the same picture in watercolour. I've also drawn it in pen.

Old Lime Kiln

"Beach Garden"
Spent a lovely few days on the east coast a few months ago and decided to attempt my first ever plein aire sketch. This was the view from our balcony looking out across the Beach Garden towards the sea. The initial sketch was in pen and then finished off using coloured pencils.

Beach Garden

"Ross Castle"
A subject I enjoyed painting in watercolours and I wanted to obtain a direct comparison between the two mediums. Again I found colours much too strong. My greatest difficulty was trying to paint the lake. I just couldn't figure out what to do to get a watery effect. Also see my pencil drawing

Ross Castle

"My Home"
My first attempt with Oils. I found them much harder (and messier) than watercolours but did appreciate the way I could paint over mistakes. I tried a familiar subject for my first effort. I found the colours much too strong and struggled to lighten things up a bit. I think I thinned the oils too much but I was working on a small canvas and I found the oil difficult to apply using thin brushes.

My Home