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Pencil Drawings - 2

When visiting the beautifully picturesque village of Staithes I was thrilled to see some surfers riding the waves. I was a long way out but took some reference photo's using maximum zoom on my Sony H9. The rolling white water and wind swept spray provided an interesting challenge.


"Train Planter"
This 'Train' planter was made by my 93-year old father. He 'knocked it together' from some old pieces of plywood and a few recently pruned tree branches and twigs. I couldn't make this at MY age, let alone his. In the course of time the wood will rot away, but the drawing will live on.

Train Planter

I drew this from a photograph I took in 2007. I'd like to tell you I was on safari at the time but the truth is I had taken the family to Woburn Safari Park. I was delighted when a herd of Zebra strolled across our path.


"Old Shed"
This old shed was copied from a photo taken by a good friend of mine during his visit to the UK. He came across it near Copse Hill and was captivated by it's old rustic character.

Old Shed

It's been a while since I last attempted to draw an animal but as soon as I saw the photograph of this Leopard I just knew I had to tackle it.


"John Wayne"
My subject this time comes from a completely different era to my previous portrait. John Wayne was one of film hero's many years ago in my younger days. I know he played a wide variety of characters but I always tend to think of him as a cowboy.

John Wayne

"Captain Jack Sparrow"
Feeling reasonably pleased with some of my recent drawings I decided it was time to step outside my comfort zone and attempt a portrait. I chose to draw Johnny Depp in his character as Captain Jack.

Jack Sparrow

"Herring Gull"
As I was strolling along the beach, I saw him ... and he saw me. I took many photo's of this charming character as he paddled at the waters edge and he seemed almost as inquisitive of what I was doing as I was about him.

Herring Gull

"Castle Wall, Chester"
Visiting Chester recently I was amazed to find that it's possible to walk the entire circumference of the town centre, on top of the old castle wall. There are places where the wall is quite high and those where it is at normal ground level. This is the stretch of wall at the rear of the Cathedral, looking north.

Castle Wall, Chester

"Irish Church"
Driving along a quite country land in Co. Kerry, Ireland I unexpectedly came across this semi-ruined church. It was intriguing because the back wall, where I imagine there was once a stained-glass window, was caved in and yet the graveyard looked recently used.

Irish Church

"Emily Kate"
A baby elephant adopted by a good friend of mine.

Emily Kate

"An Apple"
One of the drawing projects.

An Apple

A 4-pillar doorway.




"Wine Glasses"

Wine Glasses

"Butcher Bird"

Butcher Bird

"War Memorial"

War Memorial

"1930's Beauford Convertible"

1930's Beauford Convertible

I don't know the real name of this gorgeous horse but, in view of his splendid colouring, I refer to him as 'Chestnut'. I came across him as I walked out in the countryside one cold and frosty January morning and was grateful that I'd thought to take my camera along. I also used the photo of 'Chestnut' as the subject for a Monthy Drawing Project in my forum.


In the mood for experimenting with textures I tossed my jacket over the back of a dining chair to see if I could show the difference between its suede exterior and its shiny silky lining. The end result is not displeasing.